Photography S.E.O.

(Search Engine Optimization for photographers)

by Michael Ray (Da Food Dude)

Are you a photographer with a web page and want to place on the first page of Google for you primary search terms?  If so, I can help you do it, guaranteed!

It's not a trick or a pay-per-click kind of thing.  Pay me once and I'll show you the tricks necessary to get on, and stay on the first page of Google.  And if you don't, you don't have to pay me.  It's that easy.

I'm a Commercial Photographer by profession, but I've always been interested in Web Design and Search Engine Optimization.  Now as a financial diversion, I'm pimping my services out to different photographers willing to pay my puny fee of $500.00.  You'll easily make that up with your first Google initiated sale.

Search Engine Optimization is really quite easy...  If you know what you're doing that is.  I can tell you what you need to do and I'll even walk you through the process until you're on the first page of Google.  There is no follow up necessary.   Once you know the tricks that I'll teach you, you can apply these same techniques to multiple web site and help out whomever you want.

And if it isn’t the best return on investment you've ever made in your life, I want to know what was...  Because I want a piece of it!

After digging into SEO efforts you may realize you need help from professionals, such as Geary SEO Agency.

Here are the conditions of our agreement:

You can't be a food photographer (I don't care to educate my direct competition - This SEO thing is just a hobby)

You can't be a commercial photographer living in Pittsburgh (same reason)

You can’t be in the same city, doing the same thing as a previous SEO "client".  (There are only 10 spots on the first page, after all...)

Your site can't be a flash site.  (Google hates flash)

You have to be the one making the changes to your site, or let me do it.  (Third party web guys take too long and too much of my time)

You have to be willing to make the changes that I suggest. (There may be some design compromises)

Your domain has to be more than six months old. (You need to be out of Google's "sandbox")

You get to choose two search phrases; each must contain your home city.  (It's not possible to be on the first page of Google for every search phrase.  You must choose your battles - Yes, you will appear very high with other search terms, but to make mine a realistic goal, I'm limiting the guarantee to two search phrases)

You pay me when you hit the first page, not until.

Here's the proof...

How do I know I can do it?  Because I've done it... several times.

I own several web pages including:

This is my "Generalist" photography site.  I market this site to "Art Directors types" in my geographic area or clients that need a photographer in my geographic area.  My key search phrases for this page are "Pittsburgh Photography" and "Pittsburgh Photographer".

This site is a directory that I've created of photographers in my area.  Just so happens that I've somehow left out commercial photographers. (My competition)  The only commercial photographer listed and advertising on this site happens to be ME!  The search phrases for this site are the same ones as above: "Pittsburgh Photography" and "Pittsburgh Photographer"

This is my pride a joy...   I'm attempting to market myself nationally as a food photographer.  It's been a long and hard road but I've finally broken into the first page for the search phrases "Food Photographer" and "Food Photography" (no geographic parameter) That's NOT easy to do...

Pittsburgh Creative is a web directory of Ad Agencies and Graphic Design firms in the Pittsburgh area.  Art Directors LOVE to check out their competition and when they do, they see my ads plastered all over the page...  The search words for this page are "Pittsburgh Advertising Agency" and "Pittsburgh Graphic Design".

Each of these pages is on the first page of Google for their search terms.  I can do the same for you.  It may take while, but when it happens, you will be glad you spent the five hundred bucks.  I probably get one or two gigs a month from my Michael Ray site and about one a month from my food site.  That translates into al lot more than 500.00. (US)  And It's a one time fee, not a yearly or once a month thing.  You can't go wrong.  :+)

Want to know more...? Email or call me.

Michael Ray

or 412-232-4444


Why should I pay you to do this when I can learn it myself?  Simply put, time is money.  It takes time to learn what I will teach you.  The learning curve will be longer than you think.  Each month that you are not on page one, it will be costing you thousands of dollars.  Ok... at least hundreds of dollars.  But more likely thousands of dollars.  And the whole process is frustrating too.  You make a change and you have to wait weeks and weeks to see a movement.  How do you know you did it right?  You don't know when it's going to move or "IF" it's going to move.  I know...  I've been there.

What kind of jobs do you get mostly from Google?  I find that I get a lot of out-of-town clients looking for a photographer in my city.  I guess that they're too cheap to fly someone here.  I end up working for lots of Magazines that need portraits of local people.  Just recently, I've shot two, 1/2 days of executive portraits at a local industrial park.  Last month alone, I shot Allen Fannaca (Pittsburgh Steeler) for a medical magazine and I shot a couple of kids for American Girl Magazine.  Some of the jobs have good budgets and some don't.  Last year, I got a job through Google that took me to Puerto Rico for over a week, and another studio shoot after that for the same client.  I'm telling you, it pays to be on the first page of Google...

How long does it take to see a change in my placement?  It all depends on how often spiders your site.  And that's determined my how often in the past you've updated your site.  Goggle looks for a pattern and visits your site when it thinks it needs to.  They visit my site every couple of weeks.  I can usually expect to see a move in about a month after a change.  Since you probably change your site as often as I do, it may take a little longer. The sooner we start, the sooner you'll make your money back. Over and over and over again...


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