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If you are the owner of a restaurant and need some photography for marketing or advertising materials, such as menus, table tents, billboards, or magazine ads, you might be looking for a restaurant photographer that can provide you with both food photography and location photos.  In addition to being one of the nations best food photographers, Michael Ray photography also can provide you with outstanding restaurant interior and exterior photography that illustrates not only the capabilities of your facility but the feel of the restaurant, as well.  Sure, your restaurant has great food, but people choose a restaurant for the atmosphere too.  The photos of your restaurant can’t be bland or sterile, they have to convey mood of your place too. 

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Yes, we can travel to you restaurant, anywhere in the world.

Yes, you can “partially” pay us with a good meal or two.

Yes, we can work around your restaurant’s schedule.

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Restaurant photography by Michael Ray

To see examples of Michael Ray’s food photography, please visit his web site and see if his food photography style would be right for your restasurant photography needs. You can email Michael Ray or contact him by phone at 412-232-4444