If you've found this web page, it's probably because of a personal invitation from another "quality" f00d photographer. This page is meant to be a collection of links to top quality f o o d photographer's web pages assembled for the purpose of research and inspiration to fellow photographers. This page is NOT intended for use by potential clients and will not be promoted to the search engines. It's just a place to go to see really good photography.  Beats Google, or even the Workbook or Blackbook.

In order to include more the world’s quality f00d photographers, I will need your input. If you have any suggestions of other food photographers that you think should be added to this list, please e-mail me with the URL. I realize that this is a very subjective thing and that you may disagree with me as to which photographers should and should not be on the list.

The first column of photographers is a list of my particular favorites. The second column is a list of my second favorites, and so on. If you disagree, that's ok. At least it's a starting point, in case you find yourself short on time. If you have any additions or corrections, please e-mail me with that information.

My hope is that you will contribute a few names and bookmark the page for occasional review. In order to keep this page a secret from the search engines, I ask that you do not create any links to its URL.  I sure as hell wouldn't want my clients finding it!  Would you?  :-) Happy Shooting!

BTW - If you're a food photographer and you sell stock food photography, please have your self listed on the new stock food photography directory.

Michael Ray (Pittsburgh)

Great F00d Photographers
Noel Bamhurst (San Fran) Scott Peterson (San-Fran) Tim Hill (UK)
Stephen Hamilton (Chicago) Fratelli (Atlanta) Rick Souders (Golden, CO)
Teri Campbell (Cincinatti) Errico Studio (Irvington, NY) OMS F o o d Photography
Myron Beck (LA) Black Inc (Philadelphia) Colin Cooke (NY)
David Bishop (NY) Dannehl (LA) Mathew Klein (NY)
Diane Padys (Seattle) Grahm Brown (Minneapolis) Iris Richardson (Philadelphia)
Susan Kinast (Chicago) Michael Deuson (Chicago) Mark O'Tyson (Atlanta)
Foodie Photography (Canada) Tony Glassor (Chicago) Renee Comet Photo (DC)
Jim Scherer (Dorchester, MA) Garcia Studio (Atlanta) Tony Segielski (Troy MI)
John Kelly (LA) Susan Goldman (NY) Hulya Kolabas (Brooklyn)
Jeff Kauck (Chicago) Dave Jordano (Chicago) Tyllie Barbosa (Chicago)
Ted Tamburo (Chicago) Bill Shilling (Baltimore) Tony Kubat (Minneapolis)
Frandeny (San Fran) Don Matter (Atlanta) Kevin Smith (Chicago)
John McCallum Photography (Chicago) Christina Peters (Marina Del Rey, CA) Tim Schultz (Chicago)
Judd Pilossof (NY) Carin Krasner (Culver City, CA) Vertis Studios (St. Louis)
Eric Jacobson (NY) Lou Manna (NY) Scott Payne (Chicago)
Jennifer Levy (NY) Photo Imagerie (NY) John Montana (NY)
Rob Wigington (Toronto) Iain Gagwell (Atlanta) Dave Slivinski (Chicago)
Christina Peters (LA) Garcia Studio (Atlanta) Erwin Obcemea (?)
Tim Turner (Chicago) MICHAEL POHUSKI (Baltimore) Henshall Photography (LA)
Steve Adams (St. Louis) T. J. Hine Photography (Chicago) Carlos Garcia
Chugrad Mcandrews (San Fran) David Munns (UK)    Alex Kokoskov (Atlanta)
Deborah Jones (?) Con Poulos (Australia) Maggie Green (PA)
Graham Brown
Laurie Proffitt
Robert Randall
T.J. Hine
Charles Schiller
Dan Goldberg
John Uher Photography
Ben Fink
Stephen Hamilton
Matthew Klein
Steve Buchanan (MD)
Philip Shippert
Beth Galton (NY)