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Food Photography Lighting Seminar / Workshop - Learn to be a food photographer

Learn food photography lighting from a real food photographer.  Learn the special tricks and techniques that made the photos on this web site look so good.

Every so often, I receive an email asking me if I ever give seminars related to food photography.  The answer is yes.  I do offer one-on-one / personal food photography lighting consultations.  In these one-on-one classes, I disclose all my secrets, tricks, techniques, and food photography lighting concepts.  I also demonstrate the specialized food photography lighting equipment that I use every day to create the food photography images that you see on my web site.

I don’t hold anything back.  I take every question that you can throw at me and even months after the seminar, I’ll gladly critique any images that might want to show me. 

Food Photography Lighting Seminar / Workshop Outline

Food Photography Tools

  • C stands
  • Apple boxes
  • Big 10”
  • True fill screen
  • Flags
  • Scrims
  • Dapple screens
  • Dapple mirrors
  • Tape
  • Mirrors
  • Fingers and dots

Food Photography Theory

  • Lighting for information
  • Importance
  • Shadow softness
  • Shadow placement
  • Light ratios

Lighting for shape

  • Sphere
  • Cube
  • Cylinder
  • Plane

Lighting for texture

  • Smooth
  • Coarse

Food Photography Techniques

  • 3/4 rear light
  • Lighting in layers
  • Light at high ratio
  • Backlighting / Rim lighting
  • How and where to use gobos
  • How and where to use mirrors


  • Dapple screen
  • Dapple mirrors
  • Double dappling
  • PPD usage
  • True fill
  • Blowing out the background (several techniques)
  • Hiding shadows
  • Using glair lights

Specific Food Photography Applications

  • Burgers
  • Mounds of stuff
  • Soup
  • Sauce & syrup

food photography classes

Who is this food photography seminar / workshop for?

Only established professional photographers or extremely advanced amateur photographers should think about attending this seminar. It will be assumed that you understand the basics of camera work and photographic lighting.  This one-on-one personal seminar is designed primarily for “generalist” commercial photographers or “wedding / portrait” wanting to broaden their horizons.  I can teach you more in hours than you would ever learn from all the books currently available on the subject of food photography.  This seminar will also save you months and months of expensive trial and error developing your own food photography techniques and you should easily be able to make back your investment with your first food photography job. Even if you're currently shooting food and would like to drastically improve the quality of your work, this seminar might be for you.

This is a food photography lighting seminar. This is not a food STYLING seminar, so don't expect to pick up any food styling tricks here. Okay... Maybe a couple, but the workshop is about food photography lighting.

food photography seminar

I am currently offering only one version of this seminar, it's a one day (10 hr. 8 a.m.-6 p.m.) event.

In the first 1/2 of the day, we will cover the food photography lighting theory, hardware, and techniques.

After that , we will break and probably end up talking about photography through lunch.

The second 1/2 day, YOU will actually be doing the shooting and I will be by your side, guiding you through all the food photography lighting techniques that you had learned earlier that day.

Price: One-day (10 hr.) seminar – $1350.00 

Scheduling is done at mutual convenience and weekends are optional. Please feel free to contact me to schedule your personal seminar or with any questions you many have.

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