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Do you want to attend an online food photography school? Are you interested in leaning more about "Food Photography"?  Are you a food blogger wanting to make better food photos?  Are you currently a professional Photographer wanting to break into the specialty of food photography? Are you looking for an online school for food photography, taught by a quality, working, professional food photographer?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.  Highly acclaimed, professional food photographer, Michael Ray has been sharing his vast wealth of knowledge for many years at Professional Photography,, & The Food Photography blogand will soon be offering online food photography courses, in a video format.  He will eventually be offering three different courses on food photography that will cater to all levels of food photographers, from the novice to the working professional.

food photography schools

food photography school

Here’s how the online food photography school will work:

Each course is four weeks long and will consist of weekly video lessons, weekly assignments, and assignment critiques, along with other valuable morsels of food photography wisdom.  Michael will also be hosting an online Q & A forum, dedicated to each class, and available only to his food photography students.

More advanced online classes on food photography are in the works and more info will be released as soon as possible, but for now the class closed to completed is Food photography 101.

Food Photography 101 (Introduction to Food Photography)

In his first course, Michael will be address the food photography needs of the novice photographer, the food blogger, or anyone that wants to become familiar with the art and craft of food photography.

Subjects covered in the Food Photography 101 course will include:

  • Putting together a food photography lighting kit
  • Basic food photography lighting concepts and techniques
  • Choosing the best lens for a particular type of food photo
  • Choosing the best camera angle for shooting different types of food
  • Composing and propping your food photography environment
Also, in every lesson, Michael will critique many of his own favorite photos, giving you the inside story behind what went into each photo.  How was the light direction determined?  Why did he light it that way? What was the photo used for? What special problems were overcome?  How many lights did he use?  Were there any special techniques involved?  Insights such as these let you inside the professional food photography process, something you just can’t get from other food photography classes online, or anywhere else, for that matter…

Even though Michael is no food stylist, he’s been working with them for years, and has picked up many of their styling tricks and will share them with you each and every lesson.  He’ll talk about keeping the food fresh and looking great.  He’s talk about fake foods and some of the other special tricks that stylist uses to make the food photographer look good.

Each lesson will also contain a segment about either the philosophy or business of food photography.  This inside perspective can be very helpful and enlightening for anyone wishing to potentially pursue a career in the food photography industry, or just learn more about the art of photographing food.

Food Photography schools

Two more advanced online food photography classes will be coming soon!

If you think you might be interested in attending a four-week online class on food photography (Introduction to Food Photography), please us and will keep you informed as to the actual launch date of the class.  Right now, it looks as though the fist class will be starting around April first.  Sign up and be one of the first to attend!

* We will be offering 25% discounts to anyone that gives our new school a link from their blog or website!

While the first class (Food Photography 101) will be geared more toward food bloggers or non-professionals with limited professional photography equipment, the second two classes will be geared more toward working professionals, wishing to expand their photographic skill sets to include food photography. This section of the food photography school is in the early process of development and we'll keep you informed of our progress.

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