Cookbook photography
Michael Ray food photography has been involved with quite a few recipe and cookbook photography projects over the years.  As a matter of fact, Michael would be very interested in shooting more of this type of work.  Cookbook photography seems to be less structured and more “editorial” in nature than many other types of photography, and lends itself to the freedom and creativity that makes food photography the rewarding career it is. 

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One of the advantages that Michael Ray has over many of his competitors, is the on-site availability of a vast number of food photography related props.  This advantage comes in particularly handy when it comes to photographing cookbooks.  Need a cutting board?  Michael Ray Food Photography has a boatload to choose from.  The same goes with dishes, breadbaskets and flatware.

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Another advantage that Michael relies upon is his eclectic lighting style.  Some cookbooks are lend themselves toward a particular type of lighting style while others requite yet another style.  Unlike many other food photographers, Michael Ray has the ability to effectively adapt his lighting style to convey the appropriate mood needed for the individual photograph being created.  If you need “low key”, “high key”, or any type of lighting in between, Michael Ray Food photography can make your cookbook a thing of beauty.

To see examples of Michael Ray’s food photography, please visit his web site and see if his food photography style would be right for your cookbook project. If you think that answer might be yes and you'd like to discuss a future project, you can email Michael Ray or contact him by phone at 412-232-4444