Pittsburgh Food Photographer Portfolio Slide Show

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Nov 08, 2013

portfolio slide show

Food Photography Portfolio

I’m working on a video slide show of my food photography portfolio. This is a work-in-progress, and I’ll probably be adding either a voice over or maybe some music, and there’s a couple of changes that I already want to make, so don’t be too critical… :o)

Tell me what you think…

Food Photography of Cake

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Nov 07, 2013

food photography of cake, image 1

I’m Baaaaack! Sorry for the hiatus, but I’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to post much of anything interesting in the realm of food photography. Not all assignments produce portfolio quality images. I’ve been really busy, but a lot of the shooting has been bread and butter type work, shooting outline food shots and some people photography too. In fact, most of this four day shoot was outline (shot on white) shots and now I’m into shooting some pretty shots.

If you’re interested in the art of food photography, I think you’ll find this project very interesting and educational. Here is an example of how depth-of-field can really work in your favor. The challenge was to make a kitchen environment that looked to be real, while keeping the attention glued to the product, which in this case, was the cake’s icing. We were able to do this by using miscellaneous items in the background to appear as “appropriate clutter”, while not allowing the items to create a distraction.

Here are a few behind the scenes photos of the set, to show you just what you can get away with when you shoot with your lens wide-open. And to help with the effect, I “blew out” the background by over-lighting the background.

food photography of cake, image 2

food photography of cake, image 3

This will give you an idea of what shallow depth of field will give you in your food photography.

food photography of cake, image 5

Camera's eye view of the set.

food photography 6 cake

Food photographer's eye view of teh set.

food photography 7 cake

Here's a horizontal photo of the same food shot.

food photography 4 cake

This is actually a sad site. We had to pitch everyting on this table... :o(

food photography 8 cake

Here's one more photo from today's shoot.