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Posted in Food Photography by admin on Aug 27, 2013

I did an ace cream shoot yesterday for Rich’s. one of their new ice cream cakes. Ice Cream is really tough to shoot, if you haven’t tried it yourself, but we got some really nice shots, and I wanted to share them with them with you. But when I asked if I could make a blog post with some of the photos, I was told I couldn’t until the launch of the new product in December. So… This is all you get. I could show you more, but then I’d have to kill you. :o)

top secret food photography


The big challenge in photographing ice cream in August, is getting the studio cold enough so that the product doesn’t melt before I have a chance of getting a good shot. My solution is to lower the air conditioner, as low as it will go, the day before the shoot and then I construct my “food photography cold room”. Basically FPCR :o) is a 16′ x 16′ wood frame structure, covered with plastic, wood, and whatever I can think of, to hold in more cold. Then, I add a couple more air conditioners to then room, lowering the room’s temperature even more than the studio. It’s not as good as shooting in a freezer, but then again, it’s hard to find empty freezers that size.

food photogrpahy cold room

Food photogrpahy cold room in the early stages of construction

door to cold room

Stranger peering out the door of the food photography cold room

shot inside cold room

It's a little tight inside the room, but really not too bad.

view of food photography set

Reverse view of food photography set, inside cold room

food stylist and photo assistant

food stylist and photo assistant yucking it up waiting for cakes to freeze

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