Tea Food photography shoot – Behind the scenes

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Aug 09, 2013

tea food photo1

Here’s another images from this week’s tea food photography shoot for Bigelow Teas. We needed to create an environment that looked to be outdoors, so this is what we came up with. The behind the scenes shots will show you how we did it…

tea food photo 2

As you can see, we needed to use a long lens to make the background fall out of focus as quickly as possible.

tea food photo 3

Yes, the studio is a mess… :o)

tea food photo 4

This will give you an idea of the little lighting tricks I use to to make my photos look the way thy do. I hope I’m not sharing too many secrets…

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  1. Jmalov Says:

    Great shot Michael! I’ve been thinking about doing something very similar to what you do here. I’m not sure if it will benefit my practice. How has it worked for you? or better yet, what’s your main goal to do this? and has this helped in anyway?

    You can see some of my food shots here:

    Also, I’m an exclusive contributor to istockphoto:

    Please feel free to contact me at: jmalo12@gmail.com



  2. admin Says:


    Really nice work!

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