Simple Food Photography – It’s all about the Lighting

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Aug 13, 2013

Here are some behind-the-scenes, and semi-final shots from yesterday’s food photography shoot. I may not be THE best food photographer ever, but as a “Commercial” food photographer, I think I have a distinct advantage over “Editorial” food photographers in certain aspects of the business… The ability to “make” good lighting, instead of “finding” good light, is the big difference. Here are some simple outline food photos that depend on the lighting to make them work. It’s about shape, form, texture, and visual information, not mood or drama.

In these types of photos, you’re not trying to make pretty pictures, you’re trying to make the product look as good as possible, and you’re trying to to totally inform the viewer about what the product looks like. It’s not the the overall image that counts, it’s the detail of the food in the photo. It’s a whole different type of photography than many food photographers shoot, or care to shoot, for that matter. But there is a market for it.

Baby Cut carrots food photo

food photography in process

cayla styling food

iceberg let food photo

iceburg photo

monitor at food photo shoot

AJ Ham and Egg Scramble2

href=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-840″>food photo

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