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Posted in Food Photography by admin on Aug 19, 2013

Got some great food photography shots today, but I think I’ll ration them on the blog here, along with some behind the scenes shots… :o)

scallop - food photgraphy

The is a close up that I did just for myself. The layout required that I leave a bunch of room to one side for type, but I thought it would look better on my portfolio web site cropped more closely. They’ll be using the shot for lots of uses, including billboard and signage, so we shot it loosely.

2 scallop

Here's a shot of AnneMarie, the stylist. She's waving, but hates to have her picture taken.

5 scallop

Here's a shot of the stylist's work area

4 scallop

Here are the clients, Ton and John, a great couple of guys that I'm proud to work for.

7 scallop

Here's a shot of the set, where I used some mirrors to "block in" the dish, so I could get the hero back into the correct spot.

6 scallop

Here's AnneMarie making some last seconds tweaks before the final shot.

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