Drink Photography for Pittsburgh Client

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Aug 22, 2013

Here’s a shot from a recent food photography project. The surface is a brushed stainless steal “formica” type of material that I had on hand from a previous shoot. I think the colors of the drinks were set off nicely from the grey / white of the surface, whereas a white formica would not of been quite so interesting. There is a think line in food photography between making something interesting, and having that same thing become distracting. That’s something both designers and food photographers need to keep in mind. What are you trying to say or sell? That’s the big question that we need to contemplate with each and every time we click the shutter of our camera…

Pittsburgh Drink Photography

Pittsburgh Drink Photography

drink photography - early minutes

Still working out the details of whtat the heck we're shooting...

Drink photography setup

As you can see, the lighting for the drinks is nothing really special...

drink photo set

When you're shooting anything that contains shiny objects like glass, ya gotta be really careful about reflections. Here' it didn't matter.

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