Pittsburgh Food Photographer shoots for NY client

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This food photography assignment was basically for the client’s food photography library, with the primary purpose being a promotional calendar. All our shots were horizontal, which is my favorite way to shoot food, and we got to shoot everything “nice and tight”, with shallow depth of field… This kind of food photography usually leads to portfolio pieces, and this shoot was no exception. We got some really great stuff!

Food photogrpahy of "sliders"

Food photogrpahy of "sliders"

food photo screen capture

Screen of studio computer durring shoot.

Shooting in Pittsburgh

The client for this project is located in Buffalo NY, and they come to my Pittsburgh studio to shoot most of the time. There was a time when I have traveled to Buffalo to shoot, but it makes sense for us to shoot here in Pittsburgh because of the cost of transporting the crew and props up to New York. And since the studio here in Pittsburgh is equipped as a full service restaurant kitchen anyway, it usually makes sense for the client to come to us…

final Pittsburgh food photo

One of my favorite shots from our Pittsburgh food photography shoot

food photography behind the scenes

behind the scenes of Scott and his food photography crew

The Food Photography Crew

On this project, I worked with a Pittsburgh Food Stylist by the name of Ana Kelly. Ana is one of the three talented food stylists that Pittsburgh has been blessed with, and is a lot of fun to work with too. There are times when I do work with other food stylists, besides these three. Sometime I shoot out of the city and there are times when all of these three are booked with other jobs and the client needs to shoot on a specific day. In this case, there are other stylists that I can call to come into town for the shoot, but when possible, I prefer to work with the local talent, since it is as good as it gets anyways…

Pittsburgh Food Stylist Ana Kelly

Me and Anna Kelly

Since this was a two-day shoot, I ended up working with two very talented photo assistants, Eddie and Mike. Both of these guys are very good photographers by themselves, but offer to help me out once in a while… And I’m happy to have them.

Pittsburgh Photo Assistant Eddie

Pittsburgh Photo Assistant Eddie

Pittsburgh photo assistants Mike and Food stylist Ana

Pittsburgh photo assistants Mike and Food stylist Ana

Pittsburgh Food Photography set

Behind the scenes shot of the set of one of our food photos

Seriously… Every day, I thank God for this career in food photography. My clients are amazing and the crews that I work with are great people too. I can’t imagine a more fun career!

Pittsburgh Food Photo

We ended up shooting nine shots over two days, plus a variation or two... All in all it was a GREAT Food photo shoot with a bunch of great friends and co-workers.

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