Pittsburgh Food Photographer shoots for LaRosa’s Restaurant

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Mar 04, 2013
Food photo screen capture from LaRosa's shoot

Food photo screen capture from LaRosa's shoot

We had a crazy week at work. First, we had a shoot in Cincinnati for a LaRosa’s Restaurant and it went later than expected, so we ended up getting into Pittsburgh much later than planned. We got in so late, in fact, that I spent the night on the photo studio couch before another client’s food shoot, the next day. There’s no sense in spending the travel time to and from home when you can be sleeping instead… :o)

The food photography we did for LaRosa’s was all “outlined shots”, and while I thought the shots came out really well, I sort of like all the behind the scenes shots we came away with.

Cincinnati Food Stylist Mary Seguin

Cincinnati Food Stylist Mary Seguin and some weird bystander... :o)

LaRosa’s has a brand new test kitchen and a room that they use almost exclusively for their food photography and video shoots. Heck, it’s a food photographer’s dreams, and Mark LaRosa said that I might be able to work out a deal where we do some sort of trade and I can use the room for other Cincinnati shoots. I’m not really sure how that would work out, but I really like the possibilities… :o)

One interesting new development in the business of food photography is the advent of remote viewing. This allows us to let other people attend the shoot from other cities, countries, or even the next room. It’s pretty cool and amazingly useful.

food Photography remote view

Client views my monitor with her cell phone

food photo on your iphone

...And the image quality of this remote viewing is AMAZING!

Here's a shot of Mary working hard with a strange looking onlooker...

food photography vermin

Here's a hard-working photo assistant slaving away at her job...

Here's a hard-working photo assistant slaving away at her job...

sample food photo

Here's one of the final food photographs we did that day.

All in all, We had a great shoot, produced some really nice photos, and had a good time to boot! It doesn’t get much better than that!

food photo crew

Here's a food photography group hug! I told you we had fun! :o)

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