Antique props in food photography

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Mar 28, 2013

I’ve had this interest lately in including antique props in some of my food photography. Of course you can’t ALWAYS do it, but I think it adds a little “something” to the shoot. I’ve also have this desire to shoot more of the photos on grey… Don’t ask me why, I just do… :o)

Pittsburgh Phototgrapher uses antique props

Food Photography Peppers…

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Mar 26, 2013

I’ve really been happy with all this artsy – fartsy food photography lately, and I love getting good portfolio pieces and this is a pretty good one. It feels good to be experimenting with different lighting techniques and lenses, that I normally wouldn’t use for my food photography. The horizons, they are expanding… :o)

Food Photography Peppers

Editorial Food Photography

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Mar 24, 2013

Sometimes it’s just fun to play around with food photography. I work for some pretty prestigious food photography clients, but I still find that to really play, creatively, I sometimes have to go it alone and shoot some editorial type food photography. Most food photo clients come to me with a layout in mind and some pretty tight parameters as far as backgrounds and recipes go, so to give myself a little creative freedom, I will occasionally play on my own, hoping to attract new, like-minded clients. Don’t get me wrong in any way, I am still very happy shooting on white backgrounds and to specific layouts, but from time to time, and maybe a little more often in the future, I’d be willing to try some new things, even for fewer dollars, necessary… but not too few, mind you… :o)

Editorial Food Photography

Food Photography Lighting

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Mar 22, 2013

There are different styles of lighting in food photography, of course, and I’m experimenting with styles that are are now to me. I’ve always gravitated to a particular lighting setup that has been successful for me in the past, but recently, I’ve been trying to broaden my horizons a bit by experimenting and mastering other techniques. The think about my previous lighting, is that I had unlimited control of how much light every single part of the photo received, and with this new lighting, there is much less control, bot it’s faster and maybe a little more romantic. In the near future, after I become more familiar with this new technique, I think I’ll try to combine the old lighting techniques with the new and see what happens!

food photography lighting

Yellow carrots - Pittsburgh Food Photography Lighting Test

Food Photography Test Shoot

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Mar 21, 2013

Here’s another image from yesterday’s food photo test shoot. Like I said, it sure is fun to just make pretty pictures, and what better thing to photograph than food? Think about it… Some photographers shoot scantily clad women, but I think that might make my wife a little upset, but food on the other hand… Plus, I get to take it home after the shoot and it’s tax-deductible! I simply love being a food photographer here in Pittsburgh and to tell you the truth, it sure beats working for a living… :o)

Pittsburgh food photographer test shot

Another sample from my Pittsburgh Food Photography Test shoot.

Food Photography Test Shoot

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Mar 20, 2013

I had a cancelation today so I thought I’d play around, do a little testing and maybe do a little “food photography art”. I’m working on a monochromatic color pallet and maximum texture with this shot. As my career evolves, my different interests in food photography chance. What I like one day might seem old and dated the next. Hopefully, that will keep me out future “ruts” in my career…

Also, I like to playing with napkin folds in my food photography. I think that it’s such a large part of food photography and its importance is very much under-appreciated.

If you’d like to see more of my work or learn more about shooting food, you can see my portfolio at and you can see my food photography how-to site at http://www.foodportfolio/blog.

Food Photographer test shoot

Food Photographer test shoot of blueberries

Pittsburgh Studio / Environmental Food Photography

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Food Photo from Pittsburgh shoot

Food photography is on of those things where you hopefully get better and better every shoot, but in reality, there some photos you look back at and think “this is a favorite. This is one of those pictures. I shot this a few years back fro a local grocery store chain, for one of their “high end” direct mail pieces, and to this day, it’s one of my favorite food photo of all time.

I guess what I like best about the photos is the simple lighting and the “blown out” look in the background. It’s a good example of environmental food photography, that is set is some magical place between studio and environment.

Pittsburgh Food Photographer shoots for NY client

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Mar 05, 2013

This food photography assignment was basically for the client’s food photography library, with the primary purpose being a promotional calendar. All our shots were horizontal, which is my favorite way to shoot food, and we got to shoot everything “nice and tight”, with shallow depth of field… This kind of food photography usually leads to portfolio pieces, and this shoot was no exception. We got some really great stuff!

Food photogrpahy of "sliders"

Food photogrpahy of "sliders"

food photo screen capture

Screen of studio computer durring shoot.

Shooting in Pittsburgh

The client for this project is located in Buffalo NY, and they come to my Pittsburgh studio to shoot most of the time. There was a time when I have traveled to Buffalo to shoot, but it makes sense for us to shoot here in Pittsburgh because of the cost of transporting the crew and props up to New York. And since the studio here in Pittsburgh is equipped as a full service restaurant kitchen anyway, it usually makes sense for the client to come to us…

final Pittsburgh food photo

One of my favorite shots from our Pittsburgh food photography shoot

food photography behind the scenes

behind the scenes of Scott and his food photography crew

The Food Photography Crew

On this project, I worked with a Pittsburgh Food Stylist by the name of Ana Kelly. Ana is one of the three talented food stylists that Pittsburgh has been blessed with, and is a lot of fun to work with too. There are times when I do work with other food stylists, besides these three. Sometime I shoot out of the city and there are times when all of these three are booked with other jobs and the client needs to shoot on a specific day. In this case, there are other stylists that I can call to come into town for the shoot, but when possible, I prefer to work with the local talent, since it is as good as it gets anyways…

Pittsburgh Food Stylist Ana Kelly

Me and Anna Kelly

Since this was a two-day shoot, I ended up working with two very talented photo assistants, Eddie and Mike. Both of these guys are very good photographers by themselves, but offer to help me out once in a while… And I’m happy to have them.

Pittsburgh Photo Assistant Eddie

Pittsburgh Photo Assistant Eddie

Pittsburgh photo assistants Mike and Food stylist Ana

Pittsburgh photo assistants Mike and Food stylist Ana

Pittsburgh Food Photography set

Behind the scenes shot of the set of one of our food photos

Seriously… Every day, I thank God for this career in food photography. My clients are amazing and the crews that I work with are great people too. I can’t imagine a more fun career!

Pittsburgh Food Photo

We ended up shooting nine shots over two days, plus a variation or two... All in all it was a GREAT Food photo shoot with a bunch of great friends and co-workers.

Pittsburgh Food Photographer shoots for LaRosa’s Restaurant

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Food photo screen capture from LaRosa's shoot

Food photo screen capture from LaRosa's shoot

We had a crazy week at work. First, we had a shoot in Cincinnati for a LaRosa’s Restaurant and it went later than expected, so we ended up getting into Pittsburgh much later than planned. We got in so late, in fact, that I spent the night on the photo studio couch before another client’s food shoot, the next day. There’s no sense in spending the travel time to and from home when you can be sleeping instead… :o)

The food photography we did for LaRosa’s was all “outlined shots”, and while I thought the shots came out really well, I sort of like all the behind the scenes shots we came away with.

Cincinnati Food Stylist Mary Seguin

Cincinnati Food Stylist Mary Seguin and some weird bystander... :o)

LaRosa’s has a brand new test kitchen and a room that they use almost exclusively for their food photography and video shoots. Heck, it’s a food photographer’s dreams, and Mark LaRosa said that I might be able to work out a deal where we do some sort of trade and I can use the room for other Cincinnati shoots. I’m not really sure how that would work out, but I really like the possibilities… :o)

One interesting new development in the business of food photography is the advent of remote viewing. This allows us to let other people attend the shoot from other cities, countries, or even the next room. It’s pretty cool and amazingly useful.

food Photography remote view

Client views my monitor with her cell phone

food photo on your iphone

...And the image quality of this remote viewing is AMAZING!

Here's a shot of Mary working hard with a strange looking onlooker...

food photography vermin

Here's a hard-working photo assistant slaving away at her job...

Here's a hard-working photo assistant slaving away at her job...

sample food photo

Here's one of the final food photographs we did that day.

All in all, We had a great shoot, produced some really nice photos, and had a good time to boot! It doesn’t get much better than that!

food photo crew

Here's a food photography group hug! I told you we had fun! :o)