More Thoughts on Pittsburgh Restaurant Food Photography

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Feb 18, 2013

Recently, I’ve been talking about restaurant photography and the difference between editorial and advertising food photography. I wanted to share with you an example of a food photo that I created here in my Pittsburgh Food Photography studio for regional restaurant chain by the name of Mitchell’s Fish Market. Mitchell’s is based in Florida but they’ve come here to Pittsburgh on several occasions so that we could create food photos for their restaurants that they use for various marketing purposes. I just wanted to point out the extreme texture we create in our restaurant food photography and how that is different than most “editorial” food photos that you may see. Again, advertising or commercial food photography had a job to do. We make photos that sell food, and not just entertain people. We try to make the food look like you could reach out and taste it. That’s one of the differences between advertising food photography and editorial food photography…. There are more, and we’ll talk about them later.

Restaurant Food Photography

Pittsburgh Restaurant Food Photography

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