Food Photography for Packaging

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Feb 21, 2013

I’m excited. I just got permission that I could share you with you a few food photography samples of a recent six day packaging shoot I did with some really great clients, Ian’s. The shoot went really well and we got some really great stuff. It’s funny, so much of food photography is shooting really simple photos, but the simplicity is REALLY deceiving… With food photography, simple is not as easy as it looks and with packaging, it’s all about simplicity. You need to light the food so that it JUMPS off the package, and it can’t be too moody or too anything, except too beautiful!

In a previous post about food photography, I talked about the kinds of photography that an editorial food photographer could and couldn’t do well. Packaging food photography a great example of the kind of photography that an editorial food photographer would fall flat on his face, shooting… Probably… :o) Would you want to risk it?

packaging food photography

Packaging Food Photography

Food photography for packaging

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