Food Photography – Muffins

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Nov 07, 2011

The real challenge in food photography is the lighting. Of course, the stylist might have a different opinion on that :o), but as far as the photographer is concerned, it’s all about the lighting. The client often dictates the the composition, or at least the team does, but the lighting is usually up to the food photographer.

To me, food photography lighting is all about shape, texture, and sometimes mood. “Moody” lighting isn’t always a good thing either. The appropriate mood is the important thing. For example, dark moody photographic lighting and breakfast usually don’t go together too well, and the same with “fun foods” like hot dogs or ice cream.

Anyway… Here’s on of today’s shots that I really like:

food photgraphy - muffins

food photgraphy - muffins

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