Food Photography – Salad

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Nov 23, 2011

Here’s a salad food photography from yesterday’s shoot. I strong vertical format is the result of the layout for the photo. I think it worked out pretty well…

Food Photography - Salad

Food Photography - Salad

Food Photography – Ham

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Nov 15, 2011

Yet another fun food photography shoot with some portfolio potential… But you can be the judge.

The big challenge in shooting something like ham is dealing with the shiny surface. You want to make it look moist, but you don’t want big nasty highlights. Photoshop really helps, but good lighting is the key.

food photography - ham photo

Food Photography – Muffins

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Nov 07, 2011

The real challenge in food photography is the lighting. Of course, the stylist might have a different opinion on that :o), but as far as the photographer is concerned, it’s all about the lighting. The client often dictates the the composition, or at least the team does, but the lighting is usually up to the food photographer.

To me, food photography lighting is all about shape, texture, and sometimes mood. “Moody” lighting isn’t always a good thing either. The appropriate mood is the important thing. For example, dark moody photographic lighting and breakfast usually don’t go together too well, and the same with “fun foods” like hot dogs or ice cream.

Anyway… Here’s on of today’s shots that I really like:

food photgraphy - muffins

food photgraphy - muffins

Food Photography – Seafood Day 2

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Nov 03, 2011

We just finished early, shooting our second day of seafood, food photography. We got some great stuff, and had a good time too. And what’s even more important, I now get to take home some lobster!!! :o) Life is good.

food photography - seafood

food photography - seafood 2

food photography 3

Food Photography – Three nice seafood shots

Posted in Food Photography by admin on Nov 02, 2011

It’s the first of a two day food photography shoot today and we kicked out three nice shots. Three shots a day is a really nice pace because you get to take your time and make all the adjustments you want to. Actually, that’s not correct either. You can’t make all the changes and improvements you’d like to because it
‘s still a team effort and the client makes the final decisions. But having said that, it’s still a good. thing… :o)

Here are two of the shots. We’re actually not finished with the third shot yet, but still, I know it will be good…

food photography - seafood soup

food photography - lobster sandwich