I shot crackers today for packaging…

Posted in Food Photography by admin on May 11, 2010

All the shots were outlined and that explains all the crap on the formica. That will all be dropped out of the photo. I was very pleased with everything we did today. Good shots and a great client. Had a good time.

Cheese Photography

Posted in Food Photography by admin on May 10, 2010

Here’s some more recent food photography. The beautiful looking surface makes the shot. It’s funny what I appreciate in a food photo compared to other people. Maybe I should pay attention to what other people look at, but I figure that if I’m happy with the shot, the clients are usually thrilled to death. The problem becomes “when should I stop making it better”? The schedule usually dictates that.

Cheese Photo

Mitchell’s Fish Market Shoot

Posted in Food Photography by admin on May 10, 2010

I took my family to this restaurant the other night and if you haven’t been there, you just goota go because they have some great food. (Get the shark fin pie for desert) Here’s a shot from a recent shoot we did together… I love going into a restaurant and seeing my work in the menu or on a table tent, unless there’s a printing problem. But With Mitchell’s, there’s never been a problem like that. great food and great clients.

Food Photography - Clams

Casual styling food photography

Posted in Food Photography by admin on May 10, 2010

Been busy lately, so I guess the economy is turning around. I have a bunch of new things to upload and share with you. This is a project I did for a local supermarket chain. The shot was much more casual then I’m used to shooting, but it was a welcome change from the “perfectly styled” type of food photography I’m used to producing. Hey, I like change… most of the time… :o)

Deli Try food photography